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Our New Website !

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Lots of big changes to our website and social media profile - Enjoy !

Welcome to our new website

Much of the same content - but with a whole new look.

Designed by the amazing Mammoth Lakes social media guru Lauren Dowler !

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john funmiester
john funmiester
Sep 19, 2021

I am excited to be leaving a comment for this business because of the following. I have been going to beautiful Mammoth Lakes since I was a kid. I have seen this historic, cute little cabin scores of times over the years and then "IT" happened.

It was open and I just HAD TO SEE THE INSIDE of this cabin! Little did I know that I would end not only being enthralled with the this cabin - but with the owners too!! Robert & Sue are the owners a actually LIVE in this lovely cabin for the summer & fall (until the snow closes the road).

When you meet them, they treat you like old friends or good family. They…

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