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The Gallery at Twin Lakes offers an exceptional collection of fine art and photographs, all museum quality from the 19th and 20th century.  We intend to display an in-depth history and description of each piece and the artist.  This undertaking is a labor of love and discipline, and a work in progress. While we feature all of the artist listed, those with an * are complete.  


Check back often as this is an evolving project.

If you have artwork that you feel would fit into our unique collection, please bring it by the gallery or send us an image.



Alfred Mitchell

Alice Best

Arthur Best

B. Yamaro Ruiz

Carl Sammons

Davis F. Schwartz

Edward Curtis

Edward Rufus Hill

Emma Freeman

Fedelia Bridges

Frank Girardin

George Fiske

Geroge Herbert McCord

George Wesley Bellows

Harry Cassie Best

Jean Mannheim

Jessie Benton Evans

Matilda Stringer

Minerva Chapman

Othello Michetti

Paul Lauritz

Percy Gray

Ralph Davidson Miller

Raoul deLongpre

Silvester Phelps

Stephen H. Willard

Thomas Moran

Thomas Ross

Walter Douglas

William Holdbrook Beard




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